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Air curtains installation

Teplomash experts will select and install air curtains quickly and effectively.
Just fill in the form Air curtain selection form and send it to us.
SPA «Teplomash» produces and installs air curtains for openings up to 20 meters high.

 When protecting the opening with an air curtain one of the most serious problems is the size of the opening (width and height). The bigger the opening is, the more heat output and air flow is needed. Average temperature in the opening is calculated and, if needed, mixing shunt, electric connections and brackets selection is made.

установка воздушно-тепловых завес

Air curtains can be mounted horizontally above the opening or vertically on one side or both sides of the opening. The most efficiency can be achieved when air curtain length is the same or bigger than the size of the opening. To do that, air curtains of one series are linked together to create the best protection.
Basic mounting is conducted with the bracket set which is included in the package bundle. When mounting cannot be done with the basic brackets, special frames are manufactured by Teplomash.

Skilled selection and mounting is conducted by the project sales department of CJSC «SPA «Teplomash».

Stages of selection and mounting

  • To begin the selection the client should fill in the form Air curtain selection form.
  • If possible photos of the opening should be sent to us for the better selection.
  • If needed the location of the opening is inspected. For an industrial object such inspection is required.  
  • During the inspection:  
  • - Similarity between the object and the selection form is verified;
    - Optimal variant is chosen between vertical and horizontal mounting;
    - All measurements are taken for frames manufacturing.
    - Distance between the opening and the heat source is measured (water or electricity);
    - Communications laying method is chosen (open or duct).
  • Based on the selection form and the inspection the commercial offer is sent to the client with one or several solutions based on the selection form and the inspection.
  • Invoice for equipment, materials and work is made.
  • Terms and conditions are approved.
  • Mounting of equipment is made.
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